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Five minutes to healthy energy

Five minutes to healthy energy

Since I began studying energy medicine, I have been doing this energy routine every day or almost every day, and it has transformed my life. Although as I write this, I can't help but comment that our pain body - the negative energy pattern(s) we hold onto - does go with a bit of a fight, but that's ok. And, you can get past that once you realize what's going on and doing just a little bit every day will really help. I usually do the routine in the morning. I've found that if I don't do them in the morning, then later in the day I manage to scramble my energies enough not to care or have the energy to do them, so I encourage everyone to make it a morning routine. Wash you face, brush your teeth, do the energy routine and go. It's nice to show other people these techniques once you know them because they are so helpful. Plus, having other people around you with balanced energy can only help your day.

Watching my instructional video is really the easiest way to learn, but in case that's not possible, here is a written explanation.

1. Three thumps. You want to get your body and mind energized and your energy flowing forward. You must do these exercises vigorously. The thumping will probably hurt, at first but that's good. If you do it to softly, you actually reverse what you are trying to do, so do not be gentle with yourself!!! Of course, if you have any medical implants or have an injury in this area use common sense and consult your doctor.

K-27s. First you vigorously thump what's called your K-27s. These are the two spots just under the center of your collarbone (really a bit out and away from the center). A finger's width below the collarbone there is a soft dip and if massaged deeply it will probably be sore. Whenever anything is sore it means you need to get the energy there moving. So, using your thumb, index and middle finger (or knuckles - whatever feels right to you) thump these spots. This will make sure your energy and meridians are flowing forward. It will re-energize your mind and keep you focused on the task at hand. So if you're in a meeting, it's an easy way to revitalize yourself because you can subtly massage this area and nobody will know what you are doing.

Thymus. The second thump is in the middle of your sternum or right between your nipples. It's the hard spot on your chest. Thump this very hard. (You can even do a King Kong move, hitting your chest as he would - and if you feel like adding sound effects, go for it, this is meant to be fun, too.) This is will increase your immune system. When we are stressed out our thymus gland shrinks and thumping it will stimulate it, giving you more strength and vitality.

Spleen. The last thump begins three or four inches under your armpit and continues along your bra-line to under the nipples. This area is bound to be very sore because many toxins build up here. You are stimulating your spleen, which is responsible for processing the food you eat and the medications you take as well as your emotions. Emotional toxins and stuck energy tend to build up and you want to flush them daily. Once you start doing this every day the pain will significantly subside because you will have gotten the toxins and energy moving and flowing out of you. It's also a great metabolism boost, so try and thump this area after every meal. When I first started doing this I lost five pounds without even trying because I was enabling my body to process properly. Thumping the spleen will also aid chronic fatigue and auto-immune diseases. Also ladies - NO MORE UNDERWIRE BRAS! They stop the toxins in this area from flushing out. Cut them out you'll still get great support - I do.

2. Homolateral re-patterning. You have to assume that your energy is scrambled. I'm not asking you to make a negative affirmation, I'm just being realistic about the way our modern world affects our energy. So before you begin any energy medicine exercise or take part in any healing treatment, like massage or acupuncture, it's a really great idea to unscramble your energy through homolateral re-patterning. It's a two part exercise. First let me explain that our energy naturally wants to "cross over" - meaning we want the right and left hemispheres of our brain and energy to be criss-crossing because this is how healthy energy acts, allowing for optimum performance of your entire body and mind. You begin by doing it the wrong way. Stand up and lift your right leg and right arm at the same time. Then, lift your left leg and left arm at the same time. Repeat this twelve times while taking deep breaths. Stop. Now you are going to re-pattern your energy the right way, which is to lift the right leg and left arm at the same time and motion them toward each other, kind of like you are slightly twisting the right knee to the left elbow. Then do the opposite, left knee to right elbow, again making sure you are breathing deeply. Smile and let these motions be flowing. You want to do the proper crossover twelve times. Repeat the process three times - 12 wrong/12 right, 12 wrong/12 right and then 12 wrong/24 right. You double the correct crossover the last time because this is how you want your energy to stay. If you are physically not able to do this standing up or if you can't reach your knee to elbow, don't worry, just do what you can. Do it sitting or lying down. Even the slightest intention of this movement will help, as will visualization. If you want to help a disabled friend, you can actually do this for another person by lifting her arms and legs for her.

3. Figure-8s. At this point you should be feeling revitalized and, if you're in tune with your energy, you will feel the re-balancing that you have done. It's a really wonderful feeling! Next you want to cleanse your energy and fluff your aura, so take a few deep breaths as you bring your hands above your head. As you exhale, let your arms continuously cross over each other in a flowing manner while slowly bending over until you are hanging over your toes. Next take a deep breath and swing your arms in figure-8 motions from side to side and when it feels right, begin to roll your spine upward. As you are coming up, continue to swing your arms in a figure-8 motion, allowing both arms to flow to the left and then the right. Let the figure-8 freely extend past your physical body. Let your body get involved by just allowing it to groove into its own figure 8. Let your intuition guide you to what feel best. Finish back where you started, hands above your head. Now move your hip area in a figure-8 motion while you bring your hands down along the side of your body. Move your hands in tiny figure-8 motions as you do this. Figure-8s will clear the energy in your energy field and environment. It also naturally creates crossovers, which are healing to the body. Again, make sure you are breathing and smile... smiling is a great therapy.

4. The Wayne Cook. Sit down with your right leg ankle over the left knee. Place your right hand over the bottom of your right foot and the left hand over the right ankle, holding it. If you look down it should look like your wrists are crossing over each other. While breathing in, lift your ankle in an upward motion so that you feel a little stretch and bring it back down on the exhale. If this is too hard for you, do what you can and it will be enough. It feels goofy at first but smile while you're doing this - it adds to the emotional benefit of creating happiness. Do this on both sides at least three or four times, whatever feels right to you. Finish by bringing your hands together in a pyramid shape (finger together, palms apart) and placing your thumbs on your third eye (the space between your brows). Take three deep breaths and let go. This is going to help keep your energy unscrambled and will help if you are feeling overwhelmed. It clears the mind, enabling you to focus better and it's especially helpful for people who are dyslexic, inarticulate or have a stutter.

5. Crown pull. Since your hands are near your forehead, this creates the perfect transition into a crown pull. Start by gently placing your hands on your forehead with your fingers facing each other. Begin to pull the skin toward your temples and upward until you reach your hairline. Then increase the pressure, as if you are digging your fingers into the "part" of your hair (the center line of your head) and pull/drag your fingers apart. Continue this all the way over your head, to the back of your head and ending on your neck. This is great for clearing mental congestion and opens the crown chakra, opening you to creative inspiration and universal information. Try this exercise if you are feeling negative or if you have a headache.

6. Hook-up. Now you need to hook-up. Place your middle finger inside your belly button and the other middle finger on the third eye and gently pull up with both fingers. Hold this position until you feel yourself take a really deep breath - it happens naturally so don't rush it. This grounds and calms you and hooks your energy up to joy. It's also good to do this if you are feeling disconnected to the people around you.

7. Zip-up. To complete the process, you need to protect yourself from outside forces that can undo all the good energy work you just did. This is the zip-up. Take the palm of your hand and place it on your pelvic bone and move it up in one continuous motion to your lips. Do this three times. You can make an affirmation; for instance on the first two zip-ups, affirm you are going to have a great day and on the third affirm that you are not vulnerable to others' energy. When you get to your lips turn your fingers as if you are locking them up and then throw away the key. The zip-up is great to help shield you from negative or chaotic environments and will boost your confidence, so do it anytime you feel it's necessary.

8. Spinal Flush.

If you want to find out more about these techniques and energy medicine in general you can buy the Energy Medicine book or the Energy medicine starter kit.


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