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Energy Exercises

Please enjoy the audio and video guidance.
They really will help you become your ideal self, enjoy!

Everyday awareness

During Shakti Gawain's workshop on finding your intuition I had a profound realization. She led us through a meditation to bring our awareness inside and ask ourselves what it is we need to know and clearly and immediately this inner voice said "support your daily journey." I thought and still think, wow, it's simple, it's brilliant but I certainly wasn't doing that at the time. Now I do, or most of the time I do and it's really changed my life for the better and continues to do so...I remind myself all the time.

We all have really busy lives but it doesn't take much... really. Thirty seconds can change your life because absolutely everything counts, even a smile. Our bodies are intelligent and want to be in radiant health and will jump on any opportunity to go towards that. Yes, 30 seconds will change your life but like anything else the more you do the faster it will happen. The slower you do things the longer it will take, but make no mistake... it will happen.

What can be very helpful is to make a real commitment to yourself. When I was first introduced to energy medicine I was at a three-day workshop with Donna Eden at the Omega Institute in upstate New York. At the end we were asked to raise our hand if we were willing commit to doing the "five minute routine" every day and there was something very deep about raising my hand. I felt a physical response to my commitment that helped me take it seriously and since then I've stuck to my commitment. Yes, I falter every now and then and boy do I feel the difference and that in itself motivates me to get back into the routine. I can't stress enough that consistency is the key to making any real change and starting with small steps is fantastic. Just make sure you do one thing a day, no matter how short the time may be. Not only because a positive habit pattern is being formed but when you stop you just can't believe how bad it feels when you slip into that old negative pattern. So whether you make a private commitment or state your intention to the universe, do it, it will help.

Stress can be a killer obstacle to any positive shift, so let me share a motto of sorts - "dance with your day". When I was staying with the Shuar Tribe in Ecuador (see, retreats/eco-adventures) there was this American man who told us he was having a problem with stress. He was on "the path" and did his meditation and was a positive-thinking kind of guy. On the way to work he had every intention of greeting everything in his day with love and joy but then reality hit once he actually stepped foot in his office. The phones were ringing, everyone pulling him in different directions... he would lose his intention and become frustrated and unhappy. The shaman told him to "dance with your day". How beautifully simple. Don't take things head on, go with the flow, be the reed. When you dance with someone, you are not in opposition but moving together. Try approaching your day with this in mind.

All of my guided energy exercises are FREE, why? Energy is free, and I want to share these great trans formative techniques that have personally helped me with as many people as I can. Please enjoy!

Important cautionary note: this section is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any illness. These are non-invasive exercises that put the bodies' subtle energies back into balance in order for our inner healer to awaken. If you have any medical conditions, especially if you have any medical implants, always consult your doctor. Use common sense, thank you.


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