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Walk in your power

I don't really believe in one strict way of doing things. That said, I don't think real change can happen without a strong foundation. The best place to start is with your energy it the foundation of everything, from the physical body to the mind. There are so many different practices and techniques. Just take the time to figure out what works for you and don't let anyone tell you something has to be a certain way, because there are no absolutes. You are your own source. Get in touch with what you want and need and create a system that reflects that. It can be a system, a non-system, even a constantly changing system. As long as you're in touch with your journey and are supporting it daily, you're doing fine. Encourage your energy to root into the earth and open to the heavens... feel how powerful you are and center yourself in that. And, walk barefoot in the grass! Especially in the morning - it's very grounding, balancing and energizing.

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