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With Cristina Bornstein, EEM-CP, Reiki Master, Author

Are you in the New York area and would like a private session with Cristina?
Skype sessions also available and very powerful.
Contact: cristina@cristinasenergycenter.com

What is Energy Medicine?
Energy medicine is both a complement to traditional medical care and a complete self-care system. In energy medicine "energy" is the medicine. We use non-invasive electromagnetic frequencies to restore the energies that have become weak, disturbed, blocked or out of balance. The basic principles are that energy needs space to flow freely and through the exercises in this booklet you will be able to achieve a new freedom of energy and through that a new sense of well being and optimal health. The body is intelligent and will respond to any opportunity to attain radiant health and to be harmoniously connected to all our energy systems, we have many see my website for more details on that. We all have inherent healing energies and abilities and energy medicine helps you tap into what I like to call your inner physician.

What others have said:
"As we get better at understanding how little we know about the body, we begin to realize that the next big frontier in medicine is Energy Medicine."
Dr. Mehmet Oz

"Donna Eden is one of the most joyous and effective pioneers in the rapidly expanding and vitally important frontier called Energy Medicine:
Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Notable Mention: I am very fortunate to say I have studied extensively with Donna Eden since 2002 and am a Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practioner. I often have the honor of being one of Donna Eden's teaching assistants for her 3 and 5-day classes. I am also a speaker at the very first IGEEM Convention (International Gathering of Eden Energy Medicine) in San Diego in September 2012.

What to expect from a session
Within and surrounding our physical bodies are various energetic systems that have jobs just as specific and important as our heart or liver. The balance, flow and connectedness of these systems are crucial to our health - physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. Through the use of kinesiology (energy muscle testing) I identify basic energy systems and specific pathways that are out of balance or blocked and correct them. Corrections take the form of specific exercises I lead you through, and teach you so that you can continue your healing work at home. Based on what your energy tells me we then decided what kind of a session you will receive, for example we might work with the Chakra's to help you release old emotions or work with your neurovasculars to relieve stress. We can also focus on physical wellness by working with the Meridians - the options are endless.

General benefits: Increase your immune system and physical energy, clear energy blockages and revitalize your enthusiasm for life. Experience significant stress relief and let go of unwanted habit patterns. Gain confidence, mental clarity and greater memory retention. Discover a deeper connection to yourself. Create inner harmony as you learn to ground and protect yourself from external negative and/or stressful environments. Experience life to its fullest potential.

My goal is to not only correct your energy myself but also awaken your inner physician. I use non-invasive techniques to support the clearing and alignment of all your energies and energy systems. I use the electromagnetic energy in my hands, crystals, magnets, color and aroma to help the healing process. We can all heal and we are all capable of change and I offer a safe and compassionate space to facilitate that for you.

Each of us has a unique energetic signature, so each session is customized to meet your specific energetic needs. I will often incorporate reiki, colortherapy, aromatherapy and visualization when appropriate.

Energy corrections, no matter how small, can be powerful, so during a session you may experience emotional and energetic releases. This can cause you to feel amazing right away or it may take you longer to integrate the changes through quiet reflection. Everybody is different.

Correcting and treating the body's imbalances is great but having those corrections "hold" by creating new and healthy energetic habit patterns is my ultimate goal for you. To that end, I give homework but don't worry, I make it as fun and simple as possible.

I give you a self-care booklet I have created to help you keep up your home self-care so you don't have to worry about remembering anything.

Every time I have had significant healing experiences I have been "drawn" to that person or situation. Trust your gut and if you are feeling it, I very much look forward to working with you.

* Men by referral only.


Here is what some of my clients say
"As a fan of alternative and Eastern medicine practices, I was referred to the services of Cristina Bornstein and became transformed after our first session together. After her chakra cleansing I experienced unparalleled clarity and energy. Her relaxed and compassionate personality made the session fun and very informative. I highly recommend her services and feel fortunate to be her client!"
Reyna Mastrosimone

"I have been working with Cristina for over a year and in that time my professional and personal life has transformed in ways I could not have imagined. I have complete trust in her and look forward to continuing our work together "
David, PhD

"I was in a very dark place when I first sought out Cristina to help me see & feel some light & love. I always leave her energy center very relaxed, both mentally & physically! After several sessions I became much more aware & grounded & in a much better place! I often find myself thinking of energy exercises, taking deep breaths & doing figure 8's if things are not going well & I always get back to being centered & less anxious! Tina's energy is simply amazing & gives me hope for a better & more enlightened existence on an everyday basis!"
Ronald Pledge

"I have worked with Cristina many times and each session is more revealing than the last. I know when I'm feeling off but she gets to the root of the imbalances and straightens me right out! She intuitively knows what is needed and is a true healer helping me leave each time with more clarity and feeling way more relaxed!"

"I've been fortunate to experience some very exciting treatments from healers of many different modems but I can say the work Cristina does is of a superior efficiency to other disciplines. This is the future of medicine and well-being and Cristina is a natural."
Tony Gill

"Whenever I do energy work with Tina, I immediately feel relaxed. She has a magical way of grounding my energy that makes me feel amazing. Tina is an endless source of knowledge and she has inspired me to LOVE more and connect with my higher self. Her energy is incandescent."

"Cristina knows the powerful energy behind words and intentions and gently redirects the client (in this case me) toward an inner alignment where ones beliefs and energy systems start to emerge which allows the real healing process to begin. Cristina is down to earth and exceedingly humble yet I found her to be a powerful catalyst. There is an essential beauty in Cristina's work where she helped me discover and trust in the true nature of my own healing abilities. She did this by acknowledging the wisdom of my body with its ancient coded knowledge in my DNA. Cristina created a bridge that helped unite the energies in my body that were blocked or stagnant. As it is a cataclysmic process you never know where this work will take you. Trust is an essential partner if you are to heal yourself of any significant illness. I would recommend any time spent with her worthwhile and promise you will not be disappointed."
Michelle Lords, RN and Life Coach.    

"I have always been open to alternative (non-Western) healing modalities but was not sure what to expect with my initial Energy Medicine session. I was surprised to realize certain energy deficits and imbalances in my body and how easy it was to make corrections through regular therapy and practice. I have been on a rigorous physical strength training program with a fitness trainer and immediately following my first Energy Session, I realized a dramatic increase in my energy and the overall weight I as able to lift. I highly recommend Energy Medicine therapy for personal growth and healing. It is the perfect compliment to any lifestyle and an amazing way to help you achieve your personal goals in life."

Click here to see Past Press

My background
I have studied various forms of alternative therapies since I was a teenager but got serious about it as my life path about 17 years ago when I began to study Reiki and the Chakra. I became a Reiki Master in 2000. In February 2008 I became a Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practioner.

Along the way, I have studied Shamanism, which included expeditions to the Ecuadorian rainforest to learn from indigenous tribes, as well as study with John Perkins. I've also completed Tibetan study and initiations (White and Red Tara) with Garchen Rimpoche and Kamtral Rimpoche; workshops with Shakti Gawain, Ram Dass and Carolyn Myss; Jean Houston, Shanti and Richard Duree and of course extensive study with Donna Eden and David Feinstein.

Traveling the world with my old company, Tony&Tina Cosmetics, I became deeply involved in colortherapy readings and have done over 1000 readings with people all across the globe. It was also in my capacity as co-founder of Tony&Tina that I was workshop leader on the power of color and positive thought at the Learning Annex, HBA, MTV, NYU, Bodhi Tree Bookstore, Barnes & Noble and at many Tony&Tina-related events around the world. Since becoming a Certified Energy Medicine Practioner I have not only built up my private practice but also taught helpful techniques to theater and film groups, elder care and corporate relations. I currently see clients out of my home for Energy Medicine and teach Energy Medicine on the online Learning Annex Channel.


Session Menu

Classic energy medicine session (recommended) - 60 or 90-minute session

Energy tune up - Basic energy testing/corrections and a quickie energy balance - 20-40 minutes

Chakra clearing and balancing (with an auric tune up) - 30-45 minutes

Super de-stress (neurovascular treatment) - 30-40 minutes, session length may vary, depending on your particular energy needs.

Reiki - 20-40 minutes

Specialty classes/services

Performing Arts
I have worked with actors to enhance performances energetically, retain energy and memory. It is also great to work for the entire cast and crew in order to create an energetically safe, fun and productive atmosphere.

Corporate Support
- I have worked within companies to relieve stress, increase productivity and co-worker/customer relations. I have found people love to increase their public speaking skills! Overall energy medicine can bring a more harmonious atmosphere to the work place.

Elder Care
- I have worked in nursing homes to help the caretakers and the patients. I think the elder community benefits greatly from energy Medicine!

- You can never start too early teaching children healthy energetic patterns within themselves and how they relate to the world. I work with my Godchildren all the time and they love it! When I'm not around they request hook-up's and chakra clearing from their parents - and they are 4 and 6 years of age!

Daily Energy Medicine Routine
- Learning this daily routine will change your life! 1-2 hours (time may vary based on questions).

Transforming Through Your Chakra
- This is a fantastic workshop. I would teach a brief introduction of how we are energetic beings and have many energy systems and then we get into the details of what each chakra is about and the energy and the stories they hold. After explaining how working with them can truly transform your life we begin a guided hands on experience of clearing and balancing them. I use visualization and affirmations as apart of the process. Generally a 3-hour workshop.

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