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Essential oil essentials

Essential oil essentials

Cedarwood Juniperus virginiana
Aroma treatments: Color bath, color massage, perfume, room diffuser, spray mists, color compresses, color cooking, color aroma lamps
Chakra affinity: Base, sacral, and solar-plexus
Life qualities: Grounded, strength, focus, purposeful action, dignity
Extract signature: Especially good for alleviating chronic conditions because it releases our repressed emotions, deep rooted fears and worries, breaking apart the energy blocks in our system. The tree s energizing nature is both strengthening and a guiding force that helps us to find our life purpose. The centering and releasing action of Cedarwood forms a connection to the higher mind that makes it a great meditation aid. Avoid during pregnancy!

Orange (organic) Citrus Dulcis (sweet orange), Citrus Vulgaris/Sinensis
Aroma treatments: Solarized drink or food, color aroma bath, color massage, color skin tonic and lotion, aroma candles, room diffusers
Chakra affinity: Sacral
Life qualities: Happy, positive, out-going, joyous, strong, courageous, creative
Extract signature: Grounding, stimulating and releasing, the orange oil is made from the peel of a sweet or bitter orange. Most importantly, this oil has the ability to lift depression and bring happiness into our lives. Physically, orange boosts the immune system and contains beta-carotene that fights off antioxidants in our system. A great tonic, it increases vitamin C absorption and helps prevent disease. Emotionally, orange gives us courage and opens our creative channels. It also has a strong earth connection. Orange is relaxing, allowing us to become sensual, warm and physically intimate.
Caution: Orange/joyful is phototoxic, meaning it is sensitive to light so please be careful when using these oils on parts of your body that have direct contact with the sun.

Bergamot (organic) Citrus Aurantium
Aroma treatments: Bath, diffusers, lotions, massages oils and fragrance
Chakra affinity: Sacral and solar-plexus
Life qualities: Balancing, regenerating and healing. It s a powerful Anti-depressant and is uplifting to the spirits, but is also relaxing and cooling. Treats acne, oily skin and all infected skin conditions. Valuable in treating urinary tract infections (cystitis and urethritis)
Caution: Bergamot/happiness is phototoxic, meaning it is sensitive to light so please be careful when using these oils on parts of your body that have direct contact with the sun.

Rose (Moroccan) Rosa centifolia
Aroma treatments: Color massage, color bath, solarized creams and lotions, perfume, color aroma lamps, meditation, soaps
Life qualities: Harmonious, reassuring, comforting, inner vitality, giving, loving
Extract signature: The petals of the different rose flowers innately have their own special qualities. The cabbage rose has a mass of pink or rosy-purple flowers that makes it a great aphrodisiac. Since this oil is deeper in coloring (more purple), it is rich in vital life-force energy and acts as a narcotic that relaxes the mind. The red color vibration enables our emotions to release, allowing us to give to ourselves as well as others. All rose oils are antiseptic, giving the skin a healthy, radiant glow and letting the soul to shine through.

Ylang Ylang (organic) Cananga Odorata
Healing Colors: Pink, magenta, (yellow)
Aroma treatments: Color bath, color massage, perfume, color room diffuser, color aroma lamps, color candles, spray mists
Chakra affinity: Base, hart and throat
Life qualities: Unifying, sensual, self-confident, uplifted, relaxed, awakened
Extract signature: Ylang Ylang is derived from a large tropical tree with large tender fragrant flowers in pink, mauve or yellow. The yellow flowers are the best for the essential oils. The frequency of this oil vibrates with our astral body (emotional body) and is especially helpful in healing at this level. The yellow oil produces a sense of euphoria in the nervous system that helps relieve stress. The relaxing qualities of the pink ray calm the heart and slow down breathing, developing our sensitivity to other people s feelings. The red part within the pink frequency of Ylang Ylang aids sexual disorders of emotional origin. Warming and unifying, Ylang Ylang helps us to understand who we are which creates joy and contentment.

Lavender Oil (organic) Lavendula officinalis, Lavendula angustifolia, Lavandula Vera
Healing color: Violet
Aroma treatments: Color aroma massage, color bath, spray mists, lotions and skin preparations, solar charged water, color compresses, color aroma lamps, color breathing, perfume, color inhalation, candles, meditation
Chakra affinity: Third eye and crown
Life qualities: Rejuvenation, protection, reconciliation, balance
Extract signature: Lavender is the most widely used plant throughout history and has been used for healing the skin, cleansing of infectious diseases, plague, convulsions, epilepsy, fainting and all headaches. It acts as an analgesic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic. This woody evergreen shrub has violet-blue flowers that point upwards, giving energy to the sky and the plant stems are covered with star-shaped hairs and narrow gray-green leaves. The essential oil is colorless, infusing it with white energy. Lavender is sedating, calming, balancing yet uplifting. It relaxes the heart, lowering blood pressure and relieves the mind of physical and emotional pain. This oil is a valuable treatment for acne because it prevents the growth of bacteria that cause infection, balances sebum production, prevents scarring and stimulates the growth of healthy new cells. Lavender is also often used to treat eczema. We are able to stand back and look at our life from an objective perspective, allowing us to become aware of our higher consciousness and spirituality. Lavender blends well with Marjoram, Rosemary, Geranium and Bergamot, elevating the therapeutic action of any oil it is mixed with.

Jasmine Jasminum Grandiflorum
Healing colors: White, red, deep pink
Aroma treatments: Color bath, room diffuser, color massage, scented candles, garlands, perfumes
Chakra affinity: Base and crown
Life qualities: Self-awareness, confidence, sensuality, openness, connection, inspiration
Extract signature: Intensely warm and richly scented, this oil has been used as an aphrodisiac as well as for hard contracted limbs and reproductive (primarily female) and nervous problems. Its anti-depressant nature promotes confidence and optimism, bringing peace and happiness. The red ray raises self-confidence and assertiveness because we have accepted who we are. The white flowers combine with the red vibrations to form a deep rose pink energy that opens our hearts to universal love. Jasmine helps us develop our creativity and self-expression. The star shape of the white flowers floods the aura with white light, transferring the base chakra energy to a higher level.


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