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Your Energy Systems

Your energy systems

We are beautifully intricate and multi-dimensional beings. When approaching our health and happiness we need to give our energy the same consideration we give our physical body and appearance. I have outlined below the eight energy systems of the Donna Eden method of energy medicine. All these systems work together to maintain our energetic wellness and when they are healthy, create a safe place for us to become our ideal selves. To really learn more about these systems, see Energy Medicine by Donna Eden.

The meridians
These pathways are like an "energy bloodstream." They affect every physical organ and process emotions. When they get blocked, we develop illness, depression and stress, so tracing them is vital to our overall health, see Touch for Health. There are fourteen meridian pathways that include central, governing, spleen, heart, small intestine, bladder, kidney, circulation sex, triple warmer, gallbladder, liver, lung, large intestine and stomach. Stress, chemicals and an unhealthy environment may imbalance the meridians. They can also become clogged or flow backward. Luckily it's easy to maintain meridian health. Your hands and fingers have electromagnetic energy that effects the meridians so whether you trace or flush them and you will immediately encourage your body to communicate more effectively and remind them that you are conscious about caring for it. To keep them flowing forward, see the three thumps. Besides the book Energy Medicine also see Touch for Health.

The chakras
Chakras, meaning spinning wheels of light, are energy centers inside our body, and there are a few outside out body as well. Every chakra is primary associated with a life process, for instance the throat chakra governs communication. If you are having problems with communication you can clear, balance and strengthen the throat chakra to energetically balance the situation/issue. I think most of us have more than one issue going on at the same time and it can be difficult to figure out what needs to be addressed and in what order but our bodies know, see chakras and finding out what you need. Clearing and balancing all the chakras is a valuable energy session to have with yourself or anyone on a regular basis, see balance and strengthen your chakras. I've noticed people really respond to this kind of energy work, for specifics or something general. Also see Color Energy: How Color Can Transform Your Life by Cristina Bornstein and Anthony Gill.

The aura
The auric field is our two-way filter and communicator between ourselves the world around us. It protects us from negative outside factors and is essential for our survival. The size and shape of our aura can change depending on your overall energy level and health as well as outside environmental factors. When it's big and strong we feel great, when it's not, depression is common. It is an extension of and connects all of your different energies and has a non-physical crossover pattern, which is one of the reasons why figure8's are so great for your energy. It's in our non-physical body that most of our "imbalances" begin and if you can spot it early enough you can stop an oncoming illness by correcting the auric field.

Your auric field greatly affected by color, aroma and positive thought, so many of the remedies described on this website are beneficial to your auric field. For a quick and easy fix do some roll-ups and the hook-up.

Triple warmer
Also called the three burners in Chinese medicine, this is our primal survival system, it fights off illness in our bodies and is also known as our flight or fight response. Unfortunately it has not evolved along with the changes in our society. Keeping the triple warmer balanced is especially important because many aspects of our modern way of life are registered as invaders by our triple warmer causing it to fight. You know your triple warmer is overloaded if you can't ever relax, even after meditation, or if you generally feel anxious all the time.
Because triple warmer is a survival function it can pull energy away from other systems leading to immune disorders, stress, chronic fatigue and many other uncomfortable emotions/actions. To keep an overactive triple warmer sedated is very important, see Discussions/sharing a technique/Calming the Beast.
You can retrain your body how to react to foreign stimuli by smoothing your palms backward from your temples, behind your ears and down your shoulders, see triple warmer soother. I find this easy to do anywhere, even the office. But by doing this at the moment you feel that foreign energy affect you, when you feel the anxiety, you will begin to tell your mind, "it's ok don't fall into alert mode." You are reprogramming yourself. Also see holding your neurovasculars.
And also it's extremely important to have compassion for yourself. This will change the triple warmer habits. I really have to remind myself about this one.

The triple warmer/spleen relationship is especially important in today's culture
Triple warmer is considered the "father" as it protects us but does not care about the quality of our life; only that we survive. Spleen is seen as the "mother" because it processes everything physical and emotional and very much cares about the quality of and harmony in our life. Triple warmer and spleen sit across from each other on the meridian wheel so they pull energy from each other. But as triple warmer is a survival mechanism, it's usually triple warmer that is hogging all the energy. In today's world triple warmer sees almost everything as foreign invaders and tries to do battle whether it is florescent lighting or real life dangers its job is to protect us and to do this it must pull energy from other places  everyplace except the heart, but mostly from the spleen due to it's opposition on the meridian wheel. Because of this dynamic, it's very common to have a triple warmer/spleen imbalance, which can lead to chemical sensitivities, autoimmune dis-orders and weight problems. It can create other problems such as severe mood swings, anxiety, PMS and foggy thinking. Triple warmer is unfortunately on alert all the time, scanning our external environment for invaders, which leaves the spleen sapped of energy. Sedating triple warmer and strengthening spleen (and keeping them balanced) is one of the core concepts and practices of energy medicine. When triple warmer/spleen is balanced we feel safe and able to handle/process all life has to offer. We are able to break negative habit patterns and accept change more easily. See triple warmer soother and the spleen in the three thumps for more about this.

Radiant circuits
They are our joy pathways. They are the only thing triple warmer trusts besides itself, to take care of things, so they are crucial in calming triple warmer and maintaining happiness and enthusiasm. They are intelligent, helpful and want to be activated. They do not follow any set pathway, although there are general guidelines. If you are stuck in a negative pattern or chronic depression or if you find healing techniques won't hold, your radiant circuits may have become submerged or dormant. But, as said before, they want to be activated and a little goes a long way. They link all the bodies' energy systems and can "jump" from one energy system to another they go where needed. They are also called strange flows, extraordinary vessels, psychic channels and collector meridians. They are the bridge between thought and action. The hook-up is a great exercise to activate radiant circuits. Here again we see the power of positive thought as well as laughing and smiling. See creating happiness and remember to have radiant thoughts!

Celtic weave
This is the system that weaves all other energy systems together, in energetic harmony. This system takes information wherever it needs to go in our bodies and can jump systems to do so.

Any kind of crossover, like crossing your arms or legs, is a variation of the Celtic Weave energy. Also, crossing our arms/legs unconsciously can be valuable information your body needs you to know, it's asking you to do some homolateral re-patterning and figure-8s, to strengthen the Celtic weave.

The Electrics
The electrics are an independent energy system with an electrical charge that begins in our cells at conception. It is an amazing and powerful transmitter of energy, and healing force in our bodies. The heart meridian is the biggest electrical system in our body and the electrics are considered a subsystem of the heart itself. It sits between electro-magnetic forces, subtle forces and the physical experience of electricity.

Five rhythms
The five elements reflect our true connection to the universe and all that is. We are connected to the seasons and the elements and their ebbs and flows effect each of us specifically and individually. Knowing which season one most connects with can help you to understand your nature. Each rhythm is associated to a particular way of speaking, walking and viewing the world and has its strengths and weaknesses that push you to grow in the ways your natural evolution is calling for.

The five rhythms are related to a season, an element and are associated with either the male (yang) or the female (yin) aspects. They are spring/wood/new yang, summer/fire/full yang, equinox/earth/neutral, autumn/metal/new yin and winter/water/full yin.

We can learn to reprogram a rhythm weakness. For example when you are stressed you can gently hold the palms of your hands to your forehead while thinking about whatever is bothering you, see holding your neurovasculars, and/or you can release the negative energy by expelling venom. I use and recommend these a lot.

Basic grid
This is our foundation - eight branches that create deep pathways for all the other main systems to move on and through. Damage to the basic grid is usually long-term and can cause other energy exercises not to stick. Serious trauma is absorbed here. If not dealt with immediately, negative life patterns can form. The best way to avoid this is to do the five minutes to healthy energy routine every day. My favorite thing about the grid system is that it responds to harmony. Positive thought, gratitude, meditation and joy can keep the grid tight and strong.

Notable mention
The spleen
The spleen metabolizes whatever you put into your body as well as emotions, through harmony. The spleen is both a meridian and a radiant circuit so tracing the meridian or thumping the spleens lymphatic point's everyday is very important and should be incorporated into your daily routine as much as possible. The spleen meridian sits opposite to triple warmer on the meridian wheel, meaning it is one of the first places triple warmer takes energy from when it is on alert, which in our modern world is most of the time. Thumping your spleen's lymphatic points after eating is an especially good thing to do because it helps your body process the food efficiently. And it works on an emotional level as well  if I'm feeling out of sorts I begin to thump my spleen points to help move the emotions along and I get through whatever I'm feeling, faster.

Here again we see the importance of thought. Optimism, smiling and laughter are key and signals the triple warmer to be calm (as well as energizing the heart center). When you get to that space where everything feels right and you're connected with everything or you feel a rush of joy. Tap it in! Being in this space consistently will eventually create a pattern of joy, one that sticks. See the spleen in the three thumps.

Secondary systems

Neurolymphatic reflex points
These are points in our body that stimulate the removal of toxins in our bodies. The lymphatic system does not have it's own pump so to say so we have to make sure this system does not become clogged. You know when a lymphatic point is clogged when you feel soreness in that area. Once identified you want to massage or tap the point with a very hard touch in order to bring movement to that area. These points are related to and affect the meridians they are associated with it.

Neurovascular points
These are reflex points that foster communication between the meridians and the nervous system and can be used to reprogram our emotional and mental responses to stress and trauma. These are great points to use for any emotional issues. You can hold certain points while remembering certain traumatic / stressful situations and this will train the body to bring blood back to the forebrain (as opposed to the stressor being harbored in the more primal parts of out brain that cause negative reactions). This will release a locked in stress.

Assemblage point
This point is a flow of energy that connects to the body slightly left of the heart. The position can vary based on your worldview / perspective on reality. It is the reality around which we are assembled. If this point does shift out of the general heart area you want to shift it back, you will feel more comfortable.

This is a spinning pattern of energy, allot like a chakra, but a vortex can be good or bad. The bad usually manifests as a negative habit pattern or if you feel more reactionary than usual. Negative vortexes can make you feel like you are taking on other people's energy too much. A positive vortex sucks in exuberance and the energetic feeling of being in love. Our sensory system is awakened by positive vortexes.

Vivsaxis field
This is an energy field that is the magnetizing of one or more meridians at birth which protects the infants body from the shock of connecting to their new world and once the baby adapts to its connection the earth the vivaxis field will just evaporate unless there is an issue of safety. If this is the case a vivaxin syndrome can occur which means in a particular cardinal direction you will have a weakness or your energies will be scramble.


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