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Solarizing water/rooms

Solarize water/rooms

Solarizing water
The benefits of drinking water can be maximized by creating solarized water with one of the seven color frequencies.

  1. Decide which chakra you want to balance and choose your color accordingly.
  2. Get a transparent glass container in the color you require.
  3. Fill the glass with water and place it in the sun for several hours, longer if the day is cloudy. Sometimes I leave it overnight to get some lunar energy as well.
  4. After several hours in the sun, the sun's rays will have infused the water with the vibrations of colored container. Sip it slowly, (about ¸ - 1 cup should do).

After, keep the water in the refrigerator. Do not keep the water from the warm end of the spectrum, (that is red, orange, yellow) more than a few days. Cool colored water (that is green, blue, violet) can be kept a few days longer.

You can test this exercise by pouring seven different glasses of solarized water and sip them. The water from each glass has a distinctly different taste.

If you don't have colored bottles you can also wrap a clear glass or jar with transparent fabric the color of the chakra you wish to work on. Silk is ideal. The sun will penetrate the fabric and solarize the water. Colored gels, like the kind from a lighting store, will also do the trick. See, Chakra scarf collection.

Solarizing rooms
Solarize any room with transparent silk curtains. I've tried the curtains and found them a beautiful colortherapy treatment. Decide on the color you need and buy silk fabric making sure it's opaque enough to block the view from outside and transparent enough to allow sunlight to penetrate. You want to create a glow. Let's say you've decided on green fabric. During the day the sunlight will light the room with a green luminescence at the same time giving it green color energy of the heart chakra. At night the color will be opaque but you'll still have the green vibrations stored from the frequency of green light filling the room all day long. See finding out what you need for a detailed color guide but green and/or pink is great for the bedroom, it promotes love energy and calm; blue for the living room or office area as it encourages communication/inspiration; and maybe yellow for a window in the bathroom and kitchen because it makes you feel good about yourself and encourages joy. Also see, Chakra Scarf Collection.


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