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Strengthen and balance your chakras


This is really a fantastic exercise to do for yourself or for another. If you want to learn more about the chakras before doing this, look at the information in finding out what you need but it's not necessary for this exercise to be effective.

It's best to do this lying down. If you are doing this for someone else you might want to have her lie on her stomach first. Place one hand on the base of her spine and the other at the top and gently rock her back and forth. It's very soothing. Also, if you're doing this for another, start by thumping your K27s and giving yourself a hook-up and zip-up. If doing it for yourself, do the hook-up, rub your hands together and you're ready to start.

Lying face up, take your left hand and place it a few inches above the base chakra (over your pelvic area) and move it in a counterclockwise circle. Your left hand and counterclockwise movement draws energy out. Do this for about three minutes. Shake the left hand off to the side as if shaking off any energy it's collected and be conscious of where you shake if off. You don't want to shake it onto yourself or another person, just into empty space. Then move your right hand in clockwise circles in the same place for the same amount of time and shake off energy when you're done. The clockwise motion rebalances the energy of the chakras. Take lots of deep breaths and have the intention that you are clearing when you are going counterclockwise and the intention of balance when moving clockwise. Generally, your left hand receives energy and the right gives it. Remember that the person receiving the treatment is the "clock" and that's how you know which way is counterclockwise and which is clockwise.

You can make this a long session or a quickie, it's up to you. The chakras have many layers so you may feel your hand energetically "drop" and that's ok, it means you've moved to a deeper level. You may receive information in the form of a "knowing" - colors, images, smells, or maybe nothing. It's all perfect, just go with it. If you are doing this for another, you and the other person will experience the things I just mentioned. The most common thing that happens is seeing colors. If you're working with someone it's ok to have a dialog about what you're feeling, but don't have a full-on conversation because you want to stay tuned into the process. I have done quick sessions on myself in the bath that have taken 10 minutes, other times 40 minutes, and the same goes for doing it for another. Let your intuition guide you. Also, after you have done the basic counterclockwise/clockwise movements, you may feel drawn to make other movements such as, figure-8s or upward circular motions as if you were pulling something out of the persons body. Just go with what feels right to you.

OK, so you've done the base. Now move up to the spleen chakra (just under your belly button) and do the same, then the solar plexus (bottom center of the ribcage), then the heart (over the heart and breast area). The heart is a great place to incorporate figure-8s, especially for women. Next move to the throat chakra (over the throat area). Remember the throat chakra has seven chambers that extend past the actual throat area, so make sure you cover the area surrounding the throat as well. Next is the third eye (between your eyebrows) and then the crown (top of the head). The crown chakra is the only tricky one because, if you're a woman, you continue as you did with all the other chakras, counterclockwise and then clockwise, but if you are a man doing this to himself or if you're doing this for a man you do the clockwise motion first and then counterclockwise.


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