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Energy testing

Energy testing

Energy testing is important because it's a great way to communicate with your body. Energy testing was taught to me at a very young age and I've come to depend on it as a reliable source of information. I use it to decide what books, vitamins or foods are the best choices at that moment. Here I will explain a few types:

General energy test
Hold one arm straight out to the side and with your other hand gently push down, right above the wrist. Feel for amount of tension there is. While doing this, make a true/false statement (for instance I would say, "My name is Cristina" - true, and then, "My name is Howard" - false). The tension in the arm should feel weaker when making the false statement and stronger when making the true statement. This amount of tension is your standard. Repeat the process except this time hold the object you want to test in your extended hand. Let's use a book as an example. With your other hand gently push down, right above the wrist and see if the tension has changed. Is your arm easier to push down or is it holding strong? If strong, whatever you are holding is good for you. You can repeat the process with another book and see if the tension changes. If the tension is weaker this means the other book is better for you, at that particular moment.

To do this for another person, have that person hold her arm out. Place one hand gently on her shoulder, opposite to the extended arm, and do the tension test. Ask her to resist and gently push her arm down just above her wrist. This is not a test of strength, don't force her hand down. Just test for tension. Make the true/false statement. You now have a general idea of her natural tension, a standard to compare against. Now have her hold the test object in her opposite hand (not the arm that is extended), get into energy testing position, ask her to resist and see what happens. Is the tension stronger or weaker? Stronger means good; weak doesn't mean bad, just not as good. You can compare it with something else if trying to make a decision between two things or just compare it to the original standard.

It might feel weird or you might feel insecure about "knowing" if you're doing it right, but keep at it. The more you do it the more comfortable you will become.

The spleen test
This must be done with a partner and is primarily for testing anything you ingest into your body; food, drink, medications, etc. Have her stand with either arm at her side, her fingers should be pointing straight down, her thumbs should touch her thigh. Gently place one of your hands on the shoulder of the arm being tested (very gently so it doesn't interfere with the test) and place your other hand just above her wrist and ask her to resist as you gently pull her arm outward and toward you. See what the tension is like. Ask a true/false statement (I would say "My name is Cristina" - true, and then "My name is Howard" - false) the tension in the arm should feel weaker when asking the false question and stronger when asking the true question. Let this amount of tension be your standard. Then have her hold the object she is testing in the unextended hand. Holding the object being tested over the stomach area is important when testing foods and/or medication. Now with one of your hands gently on the shoulder of the arm being tested and the other just above her inner wrist, ask her to resist and see what happens. If the arm is weaker than the standard - easier to pull away from the body - it means the substance isn't good for her. It's important to remember that our bodies are constantly changing, so something that is bad for you today may be ok tomorrow and that's why knowing how to energy test is so important. You want to keep a constant and open dialog with your body. Also important to mention is that it is essential to energy test vitamins and medications because you want to make sure they're good for you and at what dosage. Just because the doctor tells you you need two of something doesn't mean your body actually needs or wants it. All you do in this case is to have the person hold one pill and test, then hold two and test. The percentage of people who are hurt from prescribed medications is staggering, so talk with your body as well as your doctor.

The knee resistance test
Try this if you're out to dinner and want to know what is good for you to eat. Hold your hand over your food or tune into your body and hold your left finger over the item on the menu you want. Then hold your right leg 6 to 12 inches off the floor and push down on it with your right hand. Remember this isn't about strength and making your leg go down, you're testing to see the level of tension created. If you're new to this, do the resistance test first without holding your hand or finger over the menu item you are testing so that you have a standard to compare it to. I do it all the time and it really works. I'll put my finger over, let's say, fried mozzarella sticks and my knee will easily push down and then I'll hold my finger over another menu option like a garden salad and my knee will hold strong. I often let my body guide what I order in restaurants and it's discreet, nobody will know what you are doing.

Become the pendulum
Hold the food you want to test in one hand, and place your other hand over it. Rest your hands over the solar plexus (just below the bra line, if you were to where a bra). Your elbows should be held against your sides, as if they were hugging your sides. Feet together, you are taking the pendulum pose. Close your eyes, take a deep inhale and empty your mind. Hold inhale for a few seconds and on the exhale see if you naturally fall forward or back. Forward good, back bad. Or, do a test first by asking yourself, "what is my yes?" and "what is my no?" and see which way you fall for each. We are all different, so see what is right for you. I do this primarily at home and it really works, much to my disappointment at times. In fact, I live in New York City and take out is a way of life, so I'll hold a menu, do the test and see what happens.


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